How Sexting Can Be Healthy For Relationships

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Sexting, which is the act of sending and/or receiving a sexually-explicit text message or photo, may seem like a trendy act utilized only by flirtatious couples who are in the early days of dating. Much to the contrary, many are finding that sexting is not only fun for couples who have been together for many years, but it actually assists in building and supporting a healthy relationship!

7. Word Play
An overwhelming number of sexts are words. And for the majority of people who are a bit intimidated by the idea of sending their lover a full on nude image of themselves, sending some suggestive wording is not only easy, it’s sexy! More often than not people find that seductive wording puts more imagery in their minds of “what might happen” and that mystery can be more enticing than an actual photo.

6. Women Sext
More women have asserted they sext than men have. This in itself is strikingly sexy as this suggests that with women sexting they are able to come out of their shell a bit more than they could in person. Many find that it is easier to “hide” behind some sexy wording and tell their lover what they are thinking or would like to do (or have done) than it is to actually verbalize the words. This actually leads to great comfortability and trust in the relationship, as over time when sexting is involved, the more likely the woman is to eventually rid herself of that shyness in the bedroom as well.

5. Long-Term Sexting
A sad fact is that couples who have been in a relationship for more than ten years are the least likely to sext. Sexting is an incredibly easy and fun way to keep the fire going or rekindle the spark in a stagnant relationship. Sending a random sexy text while your lover is a work shows them that they are being yearned for at a time when they least expect it.

4. Create Mystery
One of the best attributes of sexting is that it encourages mystery in the relationship. Sending subtle, suggestive texts can really embrace the foundation of the relationship. Something as simple as reliving your last incredible night together, or even offering to reinvent a sensual night “the moment they walk in the door”, are simple suggestions to get the conversation started.

3. Go Back in Time
Sexting can assist in encouraging a couple to relive the days before the stress of work and home life. When sexting, many couples have found themselves opening up and flirting with each other in a manner they haven’t experienced since the early days of their relationship. Sexting allows for a carefree, playful method of flirtation that has been forgotten, and is one of the things many claim has been missing from the relationship.

2. Freedom
Sexting can allow couples to find the grounds of sexual freedom within the safety and confines of their already trusted relationship. With the freedom to explore word-play and photos, couples are able to build upon their trust and take it to the next level in their bedroom havens.

The more hectic our lives get with age, work and families, the less sexy we often tend to feel. This is especially true of women, whose bodies can drastically change with age, hormones and bearing children. When sexting, a woman (or man) can some out of their shell and be as sexy as they want to be. Photos can be crafted and constructed to make you look as good as you feel, and that is a tremendous confidence booster!