5 Ways To Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is a condition that is common in older males. There are many things that can contribute to this condition, but there is hope and help available. ED falls into two basic categories: physical and physiological. By knowing the common causes, it is easy to avoid the embarrassment of this medical problem. A doctor can help uncover the underlying reason and work on correction, but you can use preventative measures long before you need a prescription for the little blue pill. Here are five ways that you can avoid erectile dysfunction.

5. Keep Your Weight with the Healthy Limits

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It is so easy to become overweight these days. With 160 million Americans in the obese category; it’s effortless to fall into the trap. Those who are overweight will quite often find that they are subject to ED. By keeping the weight in line, the battle with ED will be less.

Obesity and sexual dysfunction run hand in hand. Using a Doppler ultrasound, physicians have discovered that when a man is overweight, the blood flow to the penis area is restricted. Without the proper blood flow, a man will be unable to achieve an erection. Even if a man is overweight, by losing weight it will restore the proper blood flow alleviating the problem.