The Top Rated Rehabilitation Centers In All 50 States

Every state has programs available to help treatment with alcohol and drug dependence. Most treatments have a four or five-star rating, include inpatient treatment, and are designed to help the patient cope with life after their 30 to 90-day twelve-step program. Some are family owned and have been in business for decades while others feature clinical staff members educated by prestigious universities. Here are the most successful rehabilitation centers all over the country.

Bradford Health Services (Alabama)

 Bradford Health

Located in Opelika, Alabama, the Bradford Health Services is a four-star rated drug and alcohol treatment center specializing in a twelve-step program focused on creating a long-term community support system for their patients. The year-long, twelve-step program is designed for men only and focuses on an Alcoholics Anonymous type of program. Highlights include general family support and therapies, an intensive outpatient program, and continuing adult care.