Naipo oCuddle Shoulder Massager

The Naipo oCuddle shoulder massager comes well packaged in a zippered bag made to fit the machine snugly. The bag also comes with carrying straps for easy transport. Aside from the massager, there are also visual instruction booklets describing the various ways in which the massager can be used, as well as the different features.

The oCuddle is designed in a “U” shape to wrap around the shoulders, though instructions also say it can also be used on the mid and lower back, as well as behind the legs. The straps are adjustable so a range of individuals can use it. The massager comes with two heat settings and users can also change the direction of the massage with the simple click of a button, though the automatic settings will also change the direction periodically anyway. The massager will automatically shut off after twenty minutes, though users can choose to manually turn it off at any point during the massage.

The oCuddle can feel a little bizarre when it first starts to massage if the user is not used to a massage using the same rotating motion or a machine with a similar shape, but it is fairly easy to adjust to. Once the user adjusts, the massage itself is a fairly standard massage in quality as it applies to at-home massage devices. As the massage progresses, the friction between the user’s body and the oCuddle itself will generate heat. While the oCuddle does come with two different heat settings, it is unclear how this part is intended to function. If it heats gradually, the friction generated during the massage is sufficient. If it is intended to heat up immediately, the settings do not appear to be powerful enough to make a massive difference. The massage does just fine without making use of the heat settings on the device.

The shape of the machine, though it can be used on multiple parts of the body beyond just the shoulders, makes it difficult for the user to do much of anything while receiving the massage. For instance, though the device fits fairly well across the shoulders, the user must put their arms through the straps to hold the machine in place, rendering them unable to use their arms. With this in mind, using the oCuddle while watching television would be appropriate to combat this. In addition to fitting fairly well across the shoulders, the oCuddle can be used across the mid and lower back, and its size would allow it to fit well for the average person. Once again, however, the user has to mind the straps and hold the device in place with their hands and arms to keep it steady. When the device is lower on the back, this can get a little awkward to do.

Another important element to note is to avoid using this massager on any bony part of the body. If this is unavoidable, users should take careful note of the pressure they apply when holding the device and using it. Too much pressure on bony parts of the body can result in pain, including around the shoulder blades. Additionally, users should avoid using the massager for twenty minutes and thus, should not rely on the automatic shut off. After multiple uses on various parts of the body, our tester experienced pain in the hours following the massage when they stuck to the twenty-minute timing, even when following the diagram of how to position the device. However, when using the oCuddle for only ten minutes at a time, this side effect was avoided and there was no pain after the massage.

Overall, rating of the Naipo oCuddle shoulder massager: