A Comprehensive Guide to Living With Diverticulitis; Signs, Symptoms, Treatment And More

Living with diverticulitis is different for every patient, but it is almost always a cause of discomfort. Diverticula are easily explained as small pockets that sometimes form in a person’s digestive system. It is uncommon for a person to have these in their system, but they develop most often in the colon. While diverticulitis does not always cause suffers any long-term problems, they are quite common with age and can become problematic when they begin to inflame or become infected. Living with diverticula is possible when a person is educated on the causes, symptoms, and treatments available.

Causes Of Diverticulitis

Diverticulitis does not always occur in everyone who lives with diverticula. When a person has these nodules in their colon, it is not a guarantee they will become inflamed or infected; this only occurs if there is too much pressure on the colon. These pockets are weak, and any amount of pressure can cause one to tear or in more severe cases, burst. This causes inflammation and can cause an infection depending on how much bacteria are able to make their way into the torn diverticula. Inflammation due to pressure does not always equal an infection, but it does increase a patient’s likelihood of developing an infection.