Get Moving, Get Active: Gifts For Your Workout Buddy

Going to the gym, for a run, or exercising in any other way is a great deal more fun when a friend can join you. This is why many individuals cherish their workout buddy and always seek to improve their relationship. Get your workout buddy the best gift ever. Here are some awesome ideas:

Blend It Real Good With A NutriBullet Pro

Everyone who works out needs to recover after, and what better way to do so than with a healthy smoothie? They can easily make one at home before heading to the gym, smoothie in hand, or wait until they are home again. The NutriBullet Pro comes with multiple cups, flip-top lids, powerful blades, and even a hardcover recipe book with lots of healthy smoothie recipes for every taste and purpose.

Track Your Progress With A Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

Many of the individuals who frequent their local gym would love the ability to track their progress with a device like the Fitbit Versa Smart Watch. After all, tracking helps determine how far they’ve progressed as well as essential statistics to maintain a safe workout and figure out how far they have to go if they are training for a big event, like a marathon. This smart watch even plays music for its user!

Gamble Your Health With Fitness Dice

Do you and your workout buddy ever find yourselves getting bored with the same workouts day in and day out? Have some fun and make a little game out of it by gifting your workout buddy this set of Fitness Dice, which includes dice for low impact exercises that are ideal for warm-ups, moderate intensity exercises, as well as dice for fitness enthusiasts who love a challenge. Get ready to sweat with your buddy!

Reach New Heights With A Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set

Make sure your workout buddy can add resistance and strength training to their workouts anywhere with this incredible set of resistance bands by Black Mountain. The varying bands provide different levels of resistance and not only does this set come with a door anchor, but an exercise chart to help out the user as well!

Box It Out With An Everlast Traditional Heavy Bag Kit

Is your workout buddy a fan of boxing? Even if they have only seen boxing on television, the Everlast Traditional Heavy Bag Kit is the perfect choice to help them grow their boxing skills while getting an intense workout along the way.

Pump Up The Tunes With Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

No workout is truly complete without carefully selected music, right? If your workout buddy is on board with this notion, make sure they can listen to their chosen tracks through the wonderful Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones. Not only is the sound quality amazing, but they will not have to worry about jerking cords around, their sweat, or the weather destroying their headphones: these are resistant to both!