Great Routines That Really Pay Off Financially And Physically

Investing in preventive health solutions can seem expensive when factoring in the cost of gym memberships, organic food, genetic testing and natural therapies. However, the cost of prevention is far less financially, physically, and emotionally when considering how much it costs to treat disease and illness in the wake of health downturn and suffering for years. Here are four health investments for today, without breaking the bank with huge gains for tomorrow.

Eat Food In Its Natural Form

Eating a perfectly balanced diet all the time is unrealistic, however creating opportunities to eat whatever one wants about 20% of the time helps with eating well the remaining 80% of the time. For the 80%, aim to eat organic, whole foods focusing on vegetables and leafy greens. Eating at home helps with committing to a healthy diet and saving money. Plan meals and grocery shop accordingly to make it easier to stick a balanced eating plan. When organic food is on sale, buy extra to freeze and eat in soups, casseroles or baked goods. When occasionally eating out, seek out the restaurants in advance that cater to healthy diets, and stick to those places. If eating out socially at a party or bar, consider those to be part of the 20% meals.