Which Foods Are Vegan?

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Many kinds of chocolate, including dark chocolate, happen to contain milk products, which are not vegan. It's crucial to read labels carefully when choosing chocolate as a vegan.

Tofu, and the process soy goes through to make it, is completely vegan-friendly.

Many varieties of worcestershire sauce actually use anchovies in the production process, which eliminates them as vegan.

Starburst candies actually contain gelatin derived from beef.

Despite their buttery flavor, these crackers reportedly do not contain any butter or other animal products.

Despite the name of the flavor, these chips use paprika, smoky flavor, and other spices to mimic bacon. There are no animal products in these chips!

Most fresh pasta is made with eggs, which are not vegan. Boxed pasta, however, can be made without eggs, so check the labels!

Although marshmallows typically contain gelatin, this particular product does not!

Many brands of refried beans have "natural flavors" listed on their nutrition labels, and this can often mean they contain meat products.

Although many brands of gummy candies are not vegan, since they contain gelatin, Sour Patch Kids are completely vegan-friendly since they do not contain this ingredient!