5 Foods to Always Buy Organic (and 4 Foods Not To)

If you have been wondering which produce is safe to eat without worrying about pesticides, the Environmental Working Group has two lists to help. The first is The Dirty Dozen, a list of the twelve types of produce with the most pesticides. The second is the Clean Fifteen, produce that can be purchased without worry. With that knowledge in mind, here is a look at Five Foods to Always Eat Organic (and 4 Not To).

Spinach – Organic


Traditionally, farmed spinach and greens are among the Dirty Dozen. That’s because greens are very porous and farmers use a lot of different pesticides to keep bugs from munching on them and a lot of herbicides to prevent another plant from competing with them for nutrients in the soil. That’s why it’s important to only purchase organically produced spinach and other leafy greens. By eating only organic spinach and greens, you get the full benefit of their nutrients, as well as their amazing flavor.