Try These Healthy Travel Routines On Your Next Trip!

Travel can be fun, but it can also be exhausting and hard on your body. Whether the travel is for work or for pleasure, there are bound to be some glitches on the road or in the air. When traveling, even healthy people with otherwise good health routines can fall off the wagon. But it is possible to minimize the damage that travel can do by following these seven healthy travel routine tips.

Bring A Water Bottle (And Refill It Often)

Dehydration is a nasty fact of travel, and the easiest way to head it off at the pass is to carry your own refillable water bottle. Bring it through Customs empty (because security won’t clear any fluids in containers outside the size restrictions) and fill it at every water fountain possible. On the plane, flight attendants will refill it. Not only does bringing a water bottle helps reduce dehydration, during a long flight, it gives a good excuse to get up and walk around, which can improve circulation and help avoid stiffness.