Best Brain Exercises To Improve Memory In Seniors

The brain, like every other muscle in the body, must be conditioned to continue functioning at its most optimal levels. As the body ages, the brain does not regenerate cells at the same rate as when an individual is younger, which can result in reduced cognitive function and memory loss. Seniors may find it more difficult to remember dates, times, or appointments, or find themselves struggling to complete certain mental tasks. Engaging in brain exercises can help the brain maintain its healthy cognitive functioning and promote memory retention.

Here are the best brain exercises to improve memory in seniors.

Completing Logic Puzzles


Completing logic puzzles can help seniors regain and maintain cognitive skills that require them to think unconventionally. Logic puzzles work on the left side of the brain, which is responsible for deciphering the logic and order of things. Logic puzzles are puzzles or problems that can be solved by using deductive reasoning skills and are often math-based or use numbers in some other fashion. They are great for the elderly because they aid in helping the individual engage in problem-solving from various angles. Logic puzzles aid not only in the resurgence of cognitive reasoning skills but also help in memory retention and maintenance.

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