How To Power Nap For Increased Productivity

A power nap is a short nap that is between ten to twenty minutes. Since the purpose of a power nap is to wake up before the brain enters a deeper sleep, it is crucial not to go over thirty minutes. If this occurs, one will wake up even more tired than before. Here is a look at some of the many health benefits that power napping offers. 

Boost Alertness And Productivity

The Ordinary Leader

The main advantage for power napping is that it promotes alertness, which increases productivity and even improves reaction time in all activities. A nap as short as six minutes long can also reduce fatigue and even assist in one’s overall ability to learning. NASA has even begun using power naps during their regular work days. They allow pilots to nap for twenty-five minutes each day and have found its lead to a better performance and alertness while on the job. For people that work long hours, power naps are an even better option than caffeine. This is because caffeine wears off after a while and leads to a crash of energy, whereas a power nap provides a continued boost to alertness and productivity.