Serious Side Effects Of Muscle Relaxers

Fatigue Or Drowsiness


Fatigue and drowsiness are also common side effects of a muscle relaxer that works on the central nervous system. This is another reason individuals shouldn’t drive or do potentially dangerous activities until they’re aware of how they affect them. Some patients might find muscle relaxers make them fall asleep much more quickly than trying to sleep without these medications. Individuals, of course, shouldn’t take these medications with alcohol, as if they do, the fatigue they cause can be just the start of a potentially life-threatening reaction. If patients find the fatigue they’re experiencing is interfering with their daily life, they should talk to a doctor about alternative options for treatment. It’s important not to combine muscle relaxers with sleeping medications or depressant drugs like opioids. Individuals also shouldn’t use them with St. John’s wort or other similar herbal supplements. Patients who have liver problems, who have a neurological disorder or mental health issue, or who are older than sixty-five, should talk to their doctor about how to safely mitigate the effects of muscle relaxers.

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