How To Deal With A Narcissist

Try To Understand Where The Behavior Comes From


It’s crucial to try to understand where the behavior comes from to get a deep understanding of the person you love. It’s tough to see the person’s actions and understand the basis for these actions. It’s believed narcissism can originate genetically, from poor parenting, or a reduced area of cortical thickness in the brain. If a parent or other relative is a narcissist, it’s entirely possible it can be passed down.

Additionally, if the child was left to their own devices, overpraised as a young one, or had a parent that was never present, their esteem could have suffered. The brain could use these methods as coping skills for the past. Lastly, this condition can be a defect in the cortical area of the brain, which is the section of the brain that causes social and emotional regulation. When there is a deficit, the emotions and social triggers are all out of whack. So the next time you are dealing with a narcissist, and their behavior is array, remember one of these three things could be the reason behind their actions.

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