Excellent Remedies For Gallbladder Pain

There are many reasons why the gallbladder may become painful or inflamed, including gallstones, a thickening of the bile, or malfunctioning valves. While it is important to address the source, during an attack, often all patients can think about is relieving the pain. In addition to patients following any medical advice provided by their primary care physician, patients can take some steps to alleviate the painful symptoms and help reduce future incidences of gallbladder pain or discomfort. Learn about them now.

Anti-Inflammatory Medication


By working to reduce the inflammation at the source, anti-inflammatory medication is generally the go-to for prompt relief of gallbladder pain. Unlike typical pain relievers, anti-inflammatories do not only work with pain receptors in the brain. These medications can be steroids or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, commonly referred to as NSAIDs. Steroids are derived from hormones to work against inflammatory response while NSAIDs prevent certain enzymes from causing inflammation. Physicians must prescribe steroids, though patients can get non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication either with a prescription or over-the-counter. Patients must take all medications as directed to reduce the potential risk of side effects.

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HealthPrep Staff