How To Clean Your Dog's Ears

Keeping your canine companion in tip-top shape means keeping them well-groomed. This goes beyond combing your pup's coat and clipping their claws. It also involves making sure their ears are dry and clean. A dog's ears are more complex than a human's, as they have both vertical and horizontal parts. The horizontal part of their ear canal can trap debris since it doesn't just need to go out; it also needs to go up. If the debris remains in the ear canal, it can cause infections. If you notice your dog scratching or pawing at their ears, rubbing them on the floor or furniture, or shaking their head, it's time to hold those ears up and take a peek inside.

Here are instructions on how to effectively clean your dog's ears.

Verify Their Ears Actually Need Cleaning


Not all dogs need their ears cleaned. Some have naturally clean ears that require little attention to stay healthy. You should leave these dogs alone, as cleaning their ears too much can lead to irritation or even an infection. Because of this, you should verify their ears actually need cleaning before you begin. To do so, get your dog into a comfortable position. Gently grasp an ear and hold it up. A healthy ear is pink and some wax is normal. Do you see a lot of wax or dirt? Is there a discharge or bad, yeasty odor? If so, you should proceed with cleaning. However, if the dog's ear canal seems swollen or red, get your veterinarian's opinion. Your dog could have an infection that requires medication.

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HealthPrep Staff