Signs Your Dog Isn't Getting Enough Exercise

March 17, 2023

Do you notice some changes in your dog? Maybe they are gaining weight or seem to be chewing up more items around the house. There are a lot of reasons for these and other changes in your dog. When it comes to exercise, some dog breeds need more than others. Some dogs like border collies, Dalmatians, fox terriers, and Boston terriers are high-energy dogs that need a large amount of exercise to keep them healthy. Alternatively, other dogs such as Basset hounds, Maltese, Saint Bernards, and Great Danes don't need as much exercise as other breeds. Of course, every dog breed needs some amount of exercise just as all humans require exercise.

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An Increase In Destructive Behavior

When your dog was a puppy, they probably chewed shoes, kids' toys, and empty paper towel rolls, along with many other things in your home. But, as your dog grew older, the chewing activity probably stopped or at least, decreased dramatically. Well, if your dog is chewing things or digging excessively in the backyard, it could be a sign they need more exercise. A bored dog will entertain themselves by chewing things in your home. If you've noticed more things have been chewed and destroyed in your home, a lack of exercise may be the reason. When you give your dog exercise, they burn off the excess energy they're trying to get rid of by chewing or digging. Try taking your dog out to a dog park or on a walk in your neighborhood every day for a few weeks. Then, take note of whether your canine is continuing their destructive activities. If the chewing has decreased, you may have found a solution to the issue.

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Weight Gain

Weight gain is one of the biggest signs your dog is not getting enough exercise. A dog that receives a reasonable diet and gets moderate exercise will be able to maintain an ideal weight. But, a dog that eats a normal diet and gets no exercise is likely to gain weight. This can be especially harmful if you have a small breed of dog. Extra weight can put additional stress on bones, muscles, and organs. Every dog needs a certain amount of exercise to burn off the excess calories they get from their food. It's a good idea to check the nutritional value of the food you feed your dog and make an appropriate exercise schedule for your dog. For instance, if you have a Basset hound, then taking them for a twenty-minute walk a few times a week would be appropriate. But, if you have a fox terrier, it's better to take them to a dog park or other place where they can run off their extra energy in a safe environment.

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An Increase In Barking Or Whining

If your dog is barking or whining more than usual, it may be a sign they're not getting enough exercise. Excessive barking or whining can be a sign your dog is bored and even feeling anxious. Once again, taking your dog out for walks regularly can relieve the boredom and anxiety they may be feeling. In addition, when you walk your dog regularly or take them to the dog park to run around with other dogs, it tires them out. A tired pet is less likely to have behaviors related to boredom and anxiety. Keep in mind, however, some dogs bark more than others. For instance, a Yorkshire terrier is a breed known to bark a lot while a bulldog rarely barks. Factor in the breed of your dog into their barking activity to determine whether it's excessive or not. If there are other symptoms such as lack of appetite or vomiting, your dog may have an illness and needs to be evaluated by your vet.

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A Lack Of Endurance

A lack of endurance can definitely be a sign your dog is not getting enough exercise. When you're walking your dog, do they sit down a lot? Maybe you have noticed your dog is lagging behind you on walks and seems really tired out. If either of these observations sounds familiar, you may not be exercising your dog frequently enough. Think about adjusting your dog's exercise routine to build up their endurance. You may want to take your dog out for shorter walks several times a week. Small bursts of exercise can help build endurance, so your dog won't get so tired when you go out for longer periods. Before you go out walking, consider the weather so you can be sure your dog is safe. Taking your dog out for walks in hot, humid weather can be harmful to their health. In fact, some dogs such as bulldogs are more likely to overheat than others.

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Your Dog Pulls On The Leash

When you take your dog on a walk, do they pull on the leash? This can be a sign your dog is not getting enough exercise even though you are walking them. Pulling on the leash can mean your dog has excess energy and wants to go faster on your walk. If this is the case, you don't have to run to keep up with your dog. Instead, look for dog parks that allow your dog to run off-leash so they can run without being pulled back or slowed. Or, think about getting a leash that expands out several feet so your dog can walk at a faster rate than you. The point is when you go on a walk with your dog, you want them to get all of their excess energy out. So, when your dog pulling on their leash, you know they need more activity before you decide to go home.

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