Symptoms Of Chocolate Toxicity In Dogs

When your dog decides to eat human food unpermitted, such as a bag of your M&Ms, it may cause more trouble than you'd think. Alarmingly, symptoms of chocolate toxicity don't show up until roughly six to twelve hours after consumption. If you know they snuck a toxic snack, but you aren't sure how much they ate, look out for any symptoms that may point to chocolate toxicity. The darker the chocolate is, the higher the levels of theobromine are in it, which is the harmful component of chocolate to dogs. If they ingested chocolate, a trip to the veterinarian may very well be underway. After all, you will want to get ahead of the issue before your dog suffers much bigger consequences.

With this in mind, get the details on the symptoms of chocolate toxicity in dogs now.



Vomiting may very well be the result of chocolate toxicity in dogs because it upsets their normal breakdown as the theobromine takes its toll on the digestive system. However, before this symptom begins, you may notice discomfort such as gurgling noises from the abdomen, whimpering or whining, and pacing or restlessness. Excessive drooling is also a significant precursor, so be on the lookout for increased saliva production. Once throwing up commences, it is essential to get your dog to the veterinarian, as they can become severely dehydrated by repeatedly losing water. While veterinarians cannot eliminate the ailment, they can provide symptom management.

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HealthPrep Staff