Tips For Administering Medication To Dogs

At some point, all pet owners must experience trying to medicate their dogs. Perhaps your furry buddy has allergies, just got fixed, or is suffering from another medical issue that can only be resolved with some kind of medication. While humans have no problem swallowing pills to banish their medical complaints, dogs aren’t quite as willing. Their sensitive noses can alert them to the presence of a nasty-tasting pill, or they may simply be too scared to eat something that doesn’t smell like food. Fortunately, dogs have evolved beside mankind for millennia, which means humans have spent about as much time trying to figure out how to get dogs to take their medicine.

If your dog has trouble accepting their medicine, at least one of the following tried and true tips might work for you.

Wrap Pills In Food


This method is one of the easiest ways to administer medication to a dog. If you wrap pills in food, your dog will likely gobble up their treat without even realizing he’s eaten a pill. You can use store-bought 'pill pockets,' which are special treats manufactured exactly for this purpose. You can also use items from your kitchen, such as sliced cheese, cream cheese, deli meat, or peanut butter. Simply take your dog’s pill, wrap it or hide it in your food item of choice, and offer it to your dog as if it’s a regular treat. After your dog has taken the pill-laden treat, stick around to make sure your dog swallows the entire helping. If your dog spits out the pill, you can try cutting the pills in half to make them smaller and harder to detect.

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HealthPrep Staff