How To Treat Aggressive Behavior In Dogs

Being a dog owner is a huge responsibility. If you've got a four-legged friend, you're responsible not only for keeping your canine companion safe and healthy, but also ensuring others around them are safe. Unfortunately, those who don't take the time to properly train their dogs can find themselves dealing with major aggression issues that can not only put others in danger, but that might cause major problems for both you and your dog. Fortunately, there are ways you can treat aggressive behavior in your pet. If you're willing to commit, you can help ensure your pup stays a friendly and loyal companion for years to come.

Consult A Veterinarian


It's always important to take a look at your dog's health before committing to any other training program. There are actually several health conditions that can cause your dog to act out, ranging from simple conditions that can be easily treated to those that might require more in-depth medical solutions. Remember, a dog can't vocalize what feels bad, so they might act out in order to communicate the fact they're in pain. As such, issues like arthritis in an older dog or even a dental condition in an otherwise-healthy animal can lead to bursts of aggression. If you notice your dog has suddenly changed from a happy and healthy pup to one who tends to be more aggressive, your first visit needs to be to the vet's office. With luck, your decision to consult a veterinarian can lead to a diagnosis and a treatment plan that will get your dog back to a sunnier disposition.

Keep reading to learn about other ways to manage aggressive behavior in dogs now.

HealthPrep Staff