What To Know Before Buying A Lovebird

The bright green, orange and yellow feathers of lovebirds are just one part of their unique charm. These birds are curious, active and friendly. They love to play with toys and be able to see and hear all of the activity in a home. Many individuals enjoy having lovebirds as pets because they make very little mess and take up minimal space. If you’re thinking about getting a lovebird, there are some things you should know before buying one. Naturally, you want to make sure a lovebird is the right pet to add to your household.

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Single Birds Are Easier To Handle


When most individuals think of lovebirds, they envision a pair of them sitting side by side in a cage. Just the name lovebird implies they require another bird to be happy. Two lovebirds will indeed get along and keep each other company. However, if you’re interested in forming a bond with your pet, keep in mind single birds are easier to handle. A single lovebird is going to form a close relationship with you instead of a second bird. It’s much easier to train a bird to sit on your shoulder or eat treats out of your hand when you’ve established a relationship of trust. If you like the idea of walking around with a lovebird on your shoulder and keeping it with you as you work at your desk or take care of other household chores, a single bird is a better option for you than a pair of lovebirds.

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