6 Common And Completely Natural Aphrodisiacs Every Woman Should Know About


The seed of this plant was consumed by the people of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome as a natural aphrodisiac and many who try it today will say the same thing. The seeds and leaves of the plant are also common in a lot of South Asian and Indian dishes. The taste of the seeds is somewhat sweet, resembling butterscotch or maple syrup and is used to flavour some imitation maple products such as syrups or candy. Some women even claim that the phytoestrogens within fenugreek are a natural way to increase breast size. Although the latter has never been proven scientifically, what is known about fenugreek seeds is that is has been used for centuries as a natural aphrodisiac across many cultures and countries. The seeds and leaves can also be used to make a paste that is used as an anti-inflammatory, improving the flow of milk for lactating women.

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