10 Worst Cities for Allergies and Why

More than 50 million Americans live with nasal allergies. An allergy is an immune system response to foreign substances called allergens. You could be allergic to something you ate, touched, breathed in, or injected into your body. Allergies usually cause sneezing, itchy eyes, sneezing, a scratchy throat and a runny nose. Severe allergies can cause hives, low blood pressure, rashes, asthma attacks, trouble breathing and even death.
Although over the counter medications are available to help deal with the symptoms, allergies have no cure. If you have allergies, you will want to stay away from the following cities, which have been recorded as the most allergenic places to live in 2015 by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Wichita, Kansas

Boy has allergies from flower pollen
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With an estimated 382,000 residents, Wichita is the largest city in Kansas. That means there’s lots of room for weeds and grasses to grow into allergy causing agents. Wichita’s pollen counts are higher than average.

Residents here are increasing their use of allergy medications. Wichita also has a lower than average number of available allergists on hand.


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