5 Warning Signs of Lung Cancer

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Depending on the severity of one’s lung cancer, various measures can be taken in order to target cancerous cells. This is why it’s imperative to take action as soon as symptoms surface. Although smoking is a direct cause of lung cancer, it’s estimated that approximately 15,000 Americans who have never smoked, die on an annual basis. Regardless of your personal circumstances, do not rule out any possibilities, especially when you experience the following 5 warning signs.

5. You’re Frequently Sick
Have you abnormally been catching every single illness going around, the flu, a common cold, or even bronchitis? Although this could be a sign that your immune function is low, lung cancer is also a possible culprit. Do you find that you’re catching the flu persistently? Are you cold symptoms more severe and long-lasting in comparison to normal? This may be due to an increased susceptibility to illness, or the cancer itself, causing symptoms that are similar to common illnesses.

4. Weight Loss
By the time lung cancer is diagnosed, more than 60 percent of patients tend to lose a significant amount of weight. If you have not changed your lifestyle, yet you’re rapidly losing weight, this could be a sign of lung cancer. Unfortunately, lung cancer can dramatically affect your appetite. In turn, you do not consume enough calories, even without being consciously aware. If you cannot explain your sudden drop in weight, be sure to seek medical attention to rule out lung cancer or other serious ailments.

3. Breast Growth in Men
Either subtle or dramatic, breast enlargement in the male population, also known as gynecomastia, could mean that lung cancer has developed. As tumors in the lung metabolize, hormones and proteins are secreted into the bloodstream. More specifically, an increase in estrogen is believed to play a key role.

2. Hoarseness
When individuals develop lung cancer, both a persistent cough and a hoarse voice are common warning signs. For those who have smoked for numerous years, a ‘smoker’s cough’ is generally to blame, but a recurrent cough and hoarse voice could be due to tumor development. As a tumor develops, a blockage can occur, resulting in a buildup of mucus. If large enough, a tumor may also cause pressure to build as it pushes against one’s larynx or vocal cords.

1. Muscle Weakness
Have you noticed that you or a loved one have become increasingly weak and fatigued? If your muscles seem to be failing you, this can be a warning sign that lung cancer has developed. As lung tumors grow, they release autoantibodies which attack the muscles. Red blood cell function may also be hindered, causing symptoms of anemia. If you find that walking up the stairs or doing yard work has become too challenging, you need to see your physician immediately.


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