10 Common Cold Treatments Found In Your Kitchen

Although the common cold may not require immediate medical treatment, it can still be severe enough to interfere with daily activities like going to work, exercising, and taking care of the kids. If a bacterial infection is not present, there is no need for antibiotics, but many home remedies can help treat the common cold with everyday ingredients found in the kitchen. Many ingredients used for cooking are natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents to help with upper respiratory illnesses.

10. Soap

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The best way to treat the common cold is to prevent catching it in the first place. Washing hands frequently remains the best way to prevent spreading or contracting the common cold. In recent years, antibacterial soap has been regarded as unsafe to use for hand washing as it creates antibiotic resistance. Homemade hand soap can be made at home by mixing one-quarter part castile soap with three-quarter parts water and five drops of peppermint essential oil.