5 Tips To Help Deal With Morning Sickness

4. Avoid certain foods

Gluten free diet
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There are most definitely foods that can cause you to feel the effects of morning, afternoon, and night sickness. Of course, each scenario is unique, as each woman may experience an unpleasant experience with some foods but not others. Start by avoiding foods and smells that personally make you sick – if lamb, for instance, is causing immense nausea, then it’s best to avoid it.

If your partner loves it, they can take one for the team. After all, you are enduring the pregnancy – seems fair enough, right? It’s recommended that you stay away from spicy and greasy foods, as well as caffeine. Eat small meals and eat often, sourcing nutrient-rich foods that are fairly bland. Plain fruits and vegetables, plain baked potatoes, apple sauce, soups, etc.

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