10 Reasons Alcohol May Be The Deadliest Addiction Of All

While heroine gets most of the attention for being the deadliest addiction, it is alcohol that causes the most harm to society. It has been found to be more dangerous than crack and heroine for various reasons. Alcohol addiction leads to mass consumption of a poisonous substance. Organs are affected and deteriorate and often irreparable after years of alcohol abuse.

Alcohol not only affects your body substantially but it does a lot of damage to your psyche. You hurt those around you and stand the possibility of losing everything. The fact that alcohol is legal makes it so much more prevalent than the hard illegal drugs in society. It is glorified in movies and readily available almost everywhere. Alcohol has direct and indirect health hazards which are mentioned in the points below.

10. The Heart

ALCOHOL - written on heart rate monitor
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When you drink every day for many years or drink too much at one time, you stand the risk of damaging your heart. Problems of the heart from alcohol addiction include cardiomyopathy which is the stretching and drooping of your heart muscle. It’s possible that alcohol can lead to strokes, irregular heartbeats and high blood pressure.

An increase in blood pressure can occur when you gain weight from drinking too much. Your heart muscle becomes weakened so it’s unable to pump blood efficiently. Alcohol can cause premature death through heart failure.