7 Ways To Spark Your Motivation

It is hard to feel inspired and motivated on a constant basis. Everyone goes through slumps and, while getting out of these down periods is not always easy, it is definitely possible. If you are looking for ways to motivate yourself, check out these tips for boosting your energy and getting your mind and body back on track.

7. Set Small Goals

Motivation is a state of mind
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When you find yourself behind in life with a to-do list that seems miles long, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. When it seems like you have countless things to get done, just thinking about those tasks can drain away your energy and leave you ready to give up before even starting.

Write down two or three things you definitely want done for the day and just focus on those. Add more later, if you feel up to it. There is nothing better than the feeling of accomplishment and you may be surprised how motivated you feel to keep your productivity going.