How To Achieve Mental Wellness Beyond Just Therapy And Meds

Mood disorders such as depression effect most people at least once throughout their lifetime. This is because mental wellness is directly related to brain chemistry, and an individuals chemistry can change. When the body does not have enough of its chemical messengers – known as neurotransmitters – working correctly, they can begin to feel sad, depressed and can experience stress and pain. There are many ways to achieve mental wellness – including methods that move beyond using therapy and medication. Read on for ten expert tips on how to achieve mental peace by making a few simple lifestyle changes.

Get Outside

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One of the best ways to stand down a bad mood – especially a serious mood disorder like depression – is to exercise. Exercise naturally lifts one's mood by releasing endorphins that are critical to experiencing happiness and feeling less pain. Endorphins are a type of neurotransmitter that the body uses to attack stress, pain, and sadness so the more an individual exercises, the more he or she will naturally begin to feel happy and relaxed. When starting an exercise regime to combat depression, try starting off slowly and work up to a more rigorous regime. For example, commit to walking or doing an aerobic activity at least for thirty minutes every day.


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