5 Different Types of Migraine Headaches and How to Get Relief

A migraine is more than a common headache – it’s overwhelming and severe. Migraines often last for hours and sometimes, they do not subside for days. For some, the pain is so intense that they experience extreme sensitivities to light, vomiting, and even disturbed vision. Based on varying symptoms, there are different types of migraines. If you suffer from one of the five following types, here is how you’ll find relief.

5. Migraine without Aura

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Being one of the two main classification types, migraines without aura is a recurrent headache that last 4-72 hours. This is the most common type, often hindering one’s ability to take part in daily activities. Often painful and pulsating in nature, these migraines may also be accompanied by vomiting, nausea, and irritability. Although the exact cause is not fully understood, it’s believed that genetics and weight play a key role.

To find relief, try to figure out your personal trigger. Is it a certain factor within your environment? Is it stress? If possible, keep track of when your migraines occur and what you were doing when they develop. Once you determine your trigger, whether it be psychological or physical, you can take preventative measures. If you’re experiencing migraines often, speak to your doctor about possible medications and further testing.