7 Effects of Sleep Apnea

6. Tiredness and Fatigue

Tired businesswoman rubbing her eyes
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Do you often find yourself tired throughout the day? Because of the constant disturbances that sleep apnea causes in your nightly sleep cycle, it is very common for sufferers of sleep apnea to experience abnormal levels of fatigue and sleepiness during the day.

This excessive tiredness can lead to you dosing off at work or school, leading to possible issues with employment and academics, or more frighteningly while driving, in some of the more extreme cases.

Among the more damaging consequences of sleep apnea induced tiredness, the constant fatigue can lower your enjoyment of life, as hobbies and other engagements that require energy start to sound unappealing, and you begin to only be able to muster the energy required to watch TV on the couch.

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