10 Medical Uses For Duct Tape

After World War II, duct tape was widely used for a wide range of purposes. This well-known tape is a wonderful solution used to fixe all kinds of things around the house, however, it also offers some medical benefits. If there is a first aid kit within the home, duct tape is a great item to add to the collection of emergency medical remedies. Whether it is a temporary fix or a practical solution, here are 10 medical uses for the silver tape we all know and love.

10. Target Warts

Roll of duct tape in hands
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A wart grows on the surface of the skin, but how do you effectively treat it at home? Apparently duct tape can come to the rescue, helping to remove warts. Researchers have stated duct tape is not only less painful than liquid nitrogen, it is more effective.

This purpose was supported within a published study, where participants with warts wore duct tape for a total of six days. Once the duct tape was removed, the affected area was soaked in water and an emery board was used to rub the spot where the wart was growing. This process continued until the wart was completely gone, up to a maximum of two months.