7 Signs That You Are Addicted To Using Your Credit Card

The way we spend money has drastically changed over the years, mainly due to how accessible funds have become. Even when you do not have the money to purchase something, credit cards are available. Based on a 2015 study, the average American household is carrying $15,762 worth of credit card debt. In total, American consumers owe a stunning $733 billion. Are you addicted to your credit card?

There’s no doubt that credit cards are convenient and when collecting points, they can even be beneficial. With that being said, when you’re addicted to using your credit card, your finances can quickly spiral out of control. Please identify the following signs before you get into a situation that’s too challenging to get out of.

7. You’re Hiding Your Statements

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If you are using your credit card so often that you feel as though you need to hide your statements from your partner, that is most certainly an issue. If you are secretly building up your debt, this is a clear sign that your spending is out of control. Finances are one of the main reasons that couples split up and get divorced — do not allow yourself to get into debt without your partner’s knowledge.