The Worst Foods For A Hyperactive Toddler Or Child

Toddlers are a nonstop bundle of energy. They jump from one activity to the next without warning. Feeding a toddler can be tricky. Many children’s foods are loaded with toxic substances full of serious side effects. Food colorings and dyes are heavily regulated or banned in many countries but are common in the United States. Food manufacturers target children by labeling their foods with bright colors and fun characters. Keep reading to discover the worst foods to feed to your kids, especially if you have a hyperactive toddler at home.



The most popular Pop-Tart flavor is frosted strawberry, which contains many harmful ingredients. Listed within the first seven ingredients are corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, and sugar. These ingredients are linked to sugar addiction, childhood diabetes, and liver issues. Pop-Tarts also contain a petroleum-based product known as TBHQ. It can cause damage to human DNA and cell dysfunction. Petroleum is used to make food colorings and dyes in the United States. It has been banned and labeled as a carcinogenic in Europe. Vision loss, tumors, liver enlargement, convulsions, paralysis, and neurotoxic effects are potential side effects of TBHQ. Instead of Pop-Tarts for breakfast, make some homemade oatmeal bars. Add in some dried fruit or nuts for an added health boost. Make them the night before so they will be ready just as easily as a Pop-Tart would be.

Next, find out how this seemingly healthy snack is loaded with sugar and preservatives.

HealthPrep Staff