7 Ways To Manage ADHD In Children

Whether you decide to medicate your children or not, ADHD can be a difficult thing to manage. It requires constant monitoring and using special techniques to work with the altered mind. Just remember, the child with ADHD is different and thus requires different tactics. Here are seven ways you can help manage your child's condition.

1. Utilize Interactive Metronome Training


Because the mind of a child with ADHD doesn't function the way others do, they cannot execute a plan in steps. The use of this computerized tool helps ADHD kids to enhance their motor skills. After using this training, many can learn to plan step by step; something they couldn't do before.

To use this method, users will hear a beat through headphones and then tap their hands and feet to the rhythm. The program records their accuracy. A study that was done showed that these children who used this program gained focus and were able to improve their motor controls.

Rick T