Important Things To Consider Before Getting A Total Hip Replacement

Thanks to the wonders of modern science and medicine, people are living longer than they used to in the past. While this is good news for most individuals, one of the flip sides of the long life coin is that individuals’ joints can't always withstand all those extra years of use. Total hip replacements have become one of the most common surgeries for individuals over forty-five years of age. Even though these total hip replacements can offer the opportunity for many more years of pain-free active living, there are a number of things to take into consideration before undergoing a hip replacement.

 Recovery Is Not Easy


Recovering from a total hip replacement is a long and grueling process involving physical therapy, bed rest, and medications. Many individuals who undergo total hip replacement are surprised at the length of the recovery period and just how difficult it is to get back up and walking again. Hip replacements involve cutting through muscle and bone in some of the most tissue-dense areas of the body, creating serious wounds that take a great deal of time to heal.

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HealthPrep Staff