Is Plastic Surgery The Solution To Aging Well?

Since 2014, over 15.6 million cosmetic procedures were performed by plastic surgeons in the United States — a number that has been steadily increasing. As technology advances, the demand grows for both surgical and non-invasive procedures. Is this the most modern solution to aging well? Keep reading to reveal if plastic surgery is the answer to staying young.

Plastic Surgery Complications


From tummy tucks to nose jobs, there have been numerous patients who have lost their lives to associated complications. Sure, these procedures can enhance an individual’s outer appearance, but do they help patients age well? Although some procedures may help someone look slightly younger, aging is inevitable and there are much more natural and effective approaches that help deal with the aging process. Some of the most common complications that can occur with plastic surgery include a hematoma or a pocket of blood that resembles a painful bruise on the skin, nerve damage, an infection, deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, and scarring. Other complications also include a general dissatisfaction with the results, organ damage, anesthesia complications, blood loss, and seroma which is when serum from the blood pools beneath the skin and causes swelling and pain.

Next, discover one of the many reasons why plastic surgery is not always the answer to aging gracefully.

Danielle L'Ecuyer