Natural Skin Treatments To Keep You Looking Young

Is time taking its toll on your skin and causing more lines, wrinkles, and creases? There are numerous factors that ruin skin and, unfortunately, several cannot be avoided, such as the sun, air, and aging. If you are wary of all the chemical-laden products on the market, rest assured there are effective natural remedies. Start reading to learn about a few of them now.

Egg On Face


This may seem weird at first, but egg yolk is filled with cholesterol. Cholesterol is a molecule designed to carry other nutrients throughout the body.  Egg yolk is a carrier of a multitude of skin-nourishing nutrients, such as essential fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins. The yolk is a perfect nutrient delivery system. Instead of eating it, apply it topically to feed the skin.

Separated the yolk from the egg white and beat it. Use your fingers to spread the yolk evenly on your face while avoiding the eyes. Let it dry without cracking. Wash it off with a wet washcloth. The egg yolk mask leaves you with plump and youthful skin.

Ready for a surprisingly effective oily cleanse for the skin? Keep reading for more.

Rick T