How To Effectively Treat Wrinkles

Get Plenty Of Sleep


Sleep is essential to looking young and fewer wrinkles. Skin needs time to rest so it can repair itself. Skin regeneration and repair occur best when cortisol levels decrease. This occurs when you get plenty of sleep, according to the Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research in Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital, Joshua Zeichner. High levels of cortisol are also directly associated with the destruction of collagen, which is essential to elasticity, which helps skin appear young. Individuals who wish to take their anti-wrinkle sleep routine to the next level should avoid certain sleeping positions when possible. Try to sleep on your back to prevent unnecessary and premature wrinkles. Many individuals naturally turn on their sides or sleep on their stomachs. However, it has been said individuals can train themselves to sleep on their backs. They can even buy a special pillow to speed up the training process. A silk or satin pillowcase will help minimize wrinkles at night as well.

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