Helpful Cleaning Tips For Allergy Sufferers

With the arrival of spring, many individuals will begin to start their annual ‘spring cleaning’ to give their home an effective ‘clean sweep’ to remove the dirt, germs, and dust the house has accumulated over the last few months. However, for those who suffer from allergies, constant cleaning is a way of life, as regular house cleaning helps to eliminate many allergy triggers and relieve symptoms. Check out these simple and helpful cleaning tips to keep your home clean and your allergies under control now.

Weekly Chores

There are a numerous weekly chores an individual can do to help eliminate pesky allergens from their home, such as vacuuming, washing bedsheets, and keeping their bathroom free from mold and other harmful bacteria. One of the best tasks someone can do is to vacuum their home once or twice a week, depending on the amount of allergens present in their home. Individuals should ensure their vacuum has a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, which helps to trap microscopic allergens, as vacuums that do not have a HEPA filter can suck up all of the allergens but then shoot them back into the air, which someone can breathe in.

Individuals are also encouraged to keep their bathroom free of mold and to scrub their shower tiles and shower curtain regularly, as mold can form and spread due to the moisture found in the bathroom, which can create a harmful reaction in those with allergies. Washing bed sheets in hot water at 130 degrees Fahrenheit is hot enough to kill dust mites, another common allergen, as well as decluttering the home can be highly beneficial, as piles of boxes or clothing can trap dust and hide allergens such as dust mites and cockroaches in plain sight.

Next, reveal some helpful cleaning tips that can help any allergy sufferer when it comes to removing toxic allergens from the home.

Danielle L'Ecuyer