How To Treat Poison Ivy & Other Rashes

The all too common bubbly, oozing, and itchy rash most individuals know as poison ivy is caused by contact between the skin and an allergy-causing, itch-inducing substance, which is the oil from the leaves of the poison ivy plant and its relatives, poison oak and poison sumac. This causes more allergic contact dermatitis cases than all of the other plant families combined. While some individuals are immune, most are not, so knowing how to treat it if and when you get it is essential. Follow these suggestions to stop the itch and make your recovery as comfortable as possible.

Oatmeal Bath Products


A cool soak in oatmeal bath products is another effective way to get relief from poison ivy and other rashes. To find the relief you’re looking for, make sure you are using colloidal oatmeal and not your average breakfast cereal. This special kind of oatmeal is designed to bind to your skin and form a protective barrier over it, which serves to seal in moisture and reduce inflammation. It also effectively clears the skin with repeated use. If all you have is the breakfast type, make your own bath product using it by placing uncooked whole oats in the food processor and grinding them until they make a fine powder. For the best results, draw a cool to lukewarm bath and sprinkle it with one cup of colloidal oatmeal and then soak in the bath for ten to fifteen minutes.

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