7 Arthritis Symptoms to Never Ignore

If you suffer from arthritis, you can more than likely relate to painful joints and the associated swelling. Although these are most certainly hallmark features, there are other related symptoms which you should not ignore.

If you experience other issues throughout your body, this could be an indication that something isn't right or that you're having a reaction to medication. Please do not ignore the following 7 symptoms.

7. A Fever


If you have a fever, this could mean that an infection is to blame. Since inflammation is part of the problem, individuals with arthritis may experience a fever when inflammation reaches a certain point.

Your fever may start as a mild fever and gradually increase over a shorter period of time. Take notice of the gradual increase and try to judge if it's getting worse by the minute.

If your fever is below 101, this is not generally considered to be serious amongst adults with arthritis. With that being said, if your fever rises above 101 or you have a fever that is accompanied by a number of other symptoms, see your physician immediately.

Rick T