Foods Arthritis Sufferers Should Avoid

Arthritis is a condition that stems from the degeneration and overuse of joints, mostly affecting the knees, fingers, and hips. Australia and the United States have some of the highest rates of arthritis in the Western world, with fifteen and over twenty percent of individuals (respectively) being affected. Evidence of arthritis has even been discovered in dinosaurs as well as being found in human remains from as early as 4500 BC. Today, individuals with arthritis can manage joint pain and swelling in a variety of ways, including by monitoring what they consume in their everyday diet. Although there is no prescriptive diet for arthritis patients, this article will explore foods these individuals should stay away from. As always, however, patients should consult their physician before making major dietary changes.

Fried Food

It has long been known that fried food is bad for just about anyone due to the amount of saturated fat. A lot of fried food is also from a freezer and is often overly processed, as well as being high in salt and artificial preservatives. These all negatively affect individuals suffering from arthritis. Consuming a lot of fried food also has a connection to obesity, which, in turn, can fast track the degenerative process of joints; this is due to the extra weight and load being placed on the knees and hips. Fried meats should specifically be avoided by arthritis sufferers.

Keep reading to uncover more foods individuals dealing with arthritis should avoid now.