Foods Arthritis Sufferers Should Avoid

Arthritis stems from the degeneration and overuse of joints. It mostly affects the knees, fingers, and hips. Individuals with this condition experience joint pain and stiffness that often gets progressively worse, especially as they age. There are many types of arthritis out there, though the two most common forms are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Although arthritis is not a pleasant condition, however, there is arthritis treatment out there. Many patients take anti-inflammatory medication to achieve arthritis relief. There are also topical ointments for arthritis out there. Some individuals even engage in pickleball for arthritis, along with other forms of physical activity. Of course, it is vital to note that individuals with arthritis must pay attention to their diet. Certain foods can have a significant and negative effect on their symptoms.

Fried Food


Fried food contains a significant amount of saturated fat, which is a major reason it is unhealthy. Fried food is also highly processed and contains lots of artificial preservatives and salt. All of these increase the severity of arthritis! Individuals who consume a significant amount of fried food are also at an increased risk of obesity. This is vital in connection to arthritis because obesity increases the pressure on joints, particularly the knees and hips. This increased pressure can make the degeneration of the joints much faster! Thus, individuals who have arthritis should avoid eating lots of fried food.

Keep reading to uncover more foods that individuals dealing with arthritis should avoid now.

J. Findlay