Reactive Arthritis: Infectious Symptoms To Be Aware Of

Reactive arthritis, otherwise known as Reiter’s syndrome or sexually acquired arthritis, is a very rare yet painful form of inflammatory arthritis, which is a disease of the joints due to inflammation. It is triggered by an infection that occurs in another part of an individual's body, mainly the bowels or genitals. It can be spread through sexual intercourse. The disease commonly affects the joints of the feet, ankles, and knees, although it may also cause inflammation of the eyes, urethra, and skin. Symptoms of reactive arthritis usually disappear within twelve months, but can be highly infectious in the meantime.

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Eye Inflammation


Reactive arthritis used to be known as Reiter’s syndrome, which was strongly characterized by eye inflammation. Although eye inflammation is less common than joint inflammation and pain when it comes to arthritis, it is still considered an infectious sign of reactive arthritis. Conjunctivitis, or eye inflammation, occurs when there is an infection in the outer membrane of the inner eyelid and eyeball. It may appear in the form of pink eye, a condition in which the eye becomes red, swollen, and inflamed.

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HealthPrep Staff