The Top Rated Rehabilitation Centers In All 50 States

Every state has programs available to help treatment with alcohol and drug dependence. Most treatments have a four or five-star rating, include inpatient treatment, and are designed to help the patient cope with life after their 30 to 90-day twelve-step program. Some are family owned and have been in business for decades while others feature clinical staff members educated by prestigious universities. Here are the most successful rehabilitation centers all over the country.

Bradford Health Services (Alabama)

 Bradford Health

Located in Opelika, Alabama, the Bradford Health Services is a four-star rated drug and alcohol treatment center specializing in a twelve-step program focused on creating a long-term community support system for their patients. The year-long, twelve-step program is designed for men only and focuses on an Alcoholics Anonymous type of program. Highlights include general family support and therapies, an intensive outpatient program, and continuing adult care.

Serenity House Treatment Center (Alaska)

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Located in Soldotna, Alaska, the Serenity House Treatment Center, located on 40 acres of land is a treatment center that focuses on a bio-psycho-social approach to recovering from alcohol and drug abuse. It does so by teaching and supporting the lifestyle changes needed to remain addiction-free. Highlights of the facility include aftercare support, a twelve-step program, equine therapy, a recording studio, music therapy, and a treatment center for teenagers. This establishment welcomes Medicaid and private insurance.

Sabino Recovery (Arizona)

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Sabino Recovery is a 35-day recovery facility for addiction, mental health disorders, alcoholism and trauma located in Tucson, Arizona. The program features neuroscience-based treatment methods based on the Sabino Model, which utilized therapies that support neuroplasticity and offer neurofeedback. It is the only program in the country that focuses on QEEG Brain Mapping. Highlights include massage, yoga, meditation, art and movement therapy, acupuncture, equine therapy, and music and sound therapy, along with a state-of-the-art sleep lab.

CATAR Clinic (Arkansas)

 The Care Centers

Located in North Little Rock, Arkansas, the CATAR Clinic is a place of treatment for persons with opiate dependence. The primary focus of the center is to assist patients with the emotional, vocational, social and physical treatment by using medication, supportive services, and counseling. Counseling programs are designed to promote alternative behavior modifications and reach responsible decision-making techniques that improve the patient’s quality of life after their dependency has been successfully treated.

Reflections Executive Rehab (California)

 Living At Reflections

Reflections Executive Rehab is a five-star treatment center located in Novato, California that specializes in personalized healing. Because only six patients are admitted at one time, each patient undergoes intense and specialized care in a peaceful, healing and comfortable environment. All patients will enjoy first-class amenities to work through their sobriety while focusing on medical detoxification, trauma and associative awareness therapy, dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders treatment, and family programs.

The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake (Colorado)

 Where Org

Located in Palmer Lake, Colorado, the Recovery Village at Palmer Lake recovery center has a 4.5-star rating. It focuses on gender specific facilities for men and women in need of substance abuse treatment. Services include residential treatment, medical detoxification, co-occurring disorder treatment, group therapy, individualized treatment plans and therapy, and outpatient care. Additional services include behavior modification therapy, anti-addiction medications, and fitness, yoga, and nutrition therapy. Treatments that focus on marijuana and post-traumatic stress disorder are also available.

Aware Recovery Care Home Based Addiction Treatment (Connecticut)

 Aware Recovery Care

With a five star rating, the Aware Recovery Care Home Based Addiction Treatment program is headquartered in North Haven, Connecticut and allows patients to sleep in their own bed, be around their family, and stay at home while seeking treatment. This program is perfect for anyone who has just returned home from inpatient care and needs additional assistance. The program, which is led by Yale addiction psychiatrists, is designed to help patients who have struggled with chemical substance abuse.

Argo Institute (Delaware)

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The Argo Institute is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center located in Wilmington, Delaware that concentrates on mental health problems. The center focuses on common issues dealing with today’s younger generation. Treatment options include both inpatient and outpatient programs. Treatment orientation includes art therapy, coaching, family or marital counseling, mindfulness, narrative, motivational, trauma-focused, integrative, cognitive-behavioral, relational, solution-focused, and interpersonal therapies that treat the patient as well as their families.

Rally Point (Florida)

 Addiction Center

With a five-star rating, Rally Point is a luxurious treatment center with a beach community located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Rally Point focuses on using real-life experiences to allow their patients to learn the tools and methods needed to avoid substance abuse in the future when they are on their own. In addition to promoting healthy lifestyle choices, Rally Point focuses on helping their patients make lifelong transformations to live a more rewarding life.

Bluff Plantation (Georgia)

 Bluff Plantation

Located in Augusta, Georgia, Bluff Plantation is a 4.6-star rated treatment center that focuses on treating the whole person, including mind, body, and spirit, through a combination of conventional and holistic approaches. Located in a secluded area consisting of 178 acres, the staff to client ratio at Bluff Plantation is three to one. Treatment options include the teachings of mindfulness-based meditation, exercise and nutrition counseling, and spiritual care.

Hawaii Island Recovery (Hawaii)

 Hawaiian Recovery

Hawaii Island Recovery is a 4.4-star rated treatment facility located in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii that focuses on drug and alcohol treatment. The private and secluded resort offers evidence-based treatment that uses a combination of conventional and holistic practices, including dolphin-assisted psychotherapy. Other highlights of the program include residential treatment, medical detoxification, behavioral disorder treatment, outpatient services, exceptionally LGBT friendly, recreational activities, fitness and nutrition training, private rooms, animal assisted therapies, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

The Walker Center (Idaho)

 The Walker Center

With a 4.2-star rating, The Walker Center was established in 1979 and is located in East Gooding, Idaho. The treatment center includes residential treatment that provides housing as well as substance abuse treatment. Programs are available to treat short-term residents, long-term treatment, or both, based on a patient’s needs. Highlights include family programs, medically supervised detoxification programs, and gender specific programs. Medical director Reid Lofgran makes all medical treatments on behalf of the center.

Sunspire Health Heartland (Illinois)

 Sunspire Health

With a rating of 4.2 stars, the Sunspire Health Heartland is a private lakeside treatment center for substance abuse located in Gilman, Illinois. Treatment practices involve offering patients the opportunity to learn how to cope with real-life issues so they can be successful when they leave the center. Highlights of the center include a highly trained staff with a full spectrum of personalized care, an ideal setting for recovery, residential and individualized treatment plans, and aftercare or ongoing alumni support.

Choices Recovery (Indiana)

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Located in South Bend, Indiana, the Choices Recovery Center features a 4.4-star rated treatment program for addiction rehabilitation. The program uses over a dozen modules to reverse the addictive damages associated with substance abuse to allow patients to enjoy a drug-free life. Featured highlights include holistic therapy, life skills, art and music exploration, communication skills, vitamin and nutrition therapy, crooked thinking management, exercise programs, art and yoga therapy, martial arts programs, and spirituality teachings.

Alcohol And Drug Dependency Services Of Southeast Iowa (Iowa)

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The Alcohol And Drug Dependency Services Of Southeast Iowa is a 4.7-star rated drug and alcohol dependency center located in Burlington, Iowa. It specializes in treating both men and women in a non-hospital setting who suffer from gambling problems, substance abuse, and behavioral disorders. The program is designed for patients as well as their family and loved ones. Areas of specialization include residential treatment, process abuse treatment, co-dependency treatment, family counseling and relapse treatment.

Sunflower Wellness Retreat (Kansas)

 Sunflower Wellness Retreat

Located in Osawatomie, Kansas, the Sunflower Wellness Retreat Center has a 4.7-star rating. It focuses on a holistic approach to treating substance abuse by offering fitness, nutrition, and therapy counseling. Sunflower Wellness Retreat specializes in treating drug and alcohol dependency by working with each client to overcome and confront the underlying issues that cause addiction. Their staff includes three licensed addiction counselors along with a team that includes over 50 years of combined experience in addiction treatment.

JourneyPure Questhouse (Kentucky)

 Journey Pure

The JourneyPure Questhouse is an addiction recovery treatment center located in Bowling Green, Kentucky with a 4.8-star rating. The center specializes in treating addictive behaviors, co-occurring disorders, and substance use diseases with science-based methods including proper nutrition, exercise, spiritual grounding, and social connectivity. Areas of specialization include holistic therapy, equine therapy, medical detoxification, individualized treatment, outpatient treatments, private rooms, and a licensed professional staff. The center offers financing options as well as a home-away-from-home atmosphere.

Townsend Treatment Centers (Louisiana)

 American Addiction Centers

Located in Metairie, Louisiana, the Townsend Treatment Centers are a five-star rated rehabilitation center for patients with addictive disorders. The program is designed to treat patients with respect and encouragement by blending addiction therapy techniques with counseling in a safe environment. Townsend Treatment Centers believes that addiction is a brain disease and needs to be treated as such by allowing patients to heal in the company of their loved ones and family.

McLean Signature Recovery Programs: Borden Cottage (Maine)

 McLean Hospital

The McLean Signature Recovery Programs: Borden Cottage is a 4.7-star rated recovery center that is affiliated with Harvard Medical School. It specializes in residential treatment plans that focus on addressing the patient’s primary addiction. The program also features a co-occurring psychiatric disorder treatment plan as part of their Signature Recovery Programs with an expert staff trained in providing recovery, rehabilitation, and relapse prevention treatment. Highlights include integrated group therapy and comprehensive mind and body program development.

Tranquility Woods (Maryland)

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Located in Pasadena, Maryland, Tranquility Woods is a five-star rated treatment center that focuses on a blend of successful techniques used to treat mental health concerns and substance abuse. Their twelve-step program combines conventional medication with holistic therapies designed to give each client the personalized attention they need to make a full recovery. Each patient will receive five to seven hours a week of one-on-one therapy to treat the underlying cause of addiction.

Sunspire Health Spring Hill (Massachusetts)

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The Sunspire Health Spring Hill treatment center is located in Ashby, Massachusetts and has a four-star rating. The private, residential facility is co-ed and focuses on patients who are troubled by mental health issues as well as substance abuse by applying both an evidence and holistic-based approach that includes access to staff twenty-four hours a day. Highlights of the facility include equine assisted therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorders treatment.

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services (Michigan)

 BRS Rehab

Located in Harrison, Michigan, Behavioral Rehabilitation Services is an all-inclusive and luxury treatment center with a 4.9-star rating located on an 80-acre retreat. The facility specializes in holistic medicine, which focuses on healing the person as a whole and not just a person’s addiction by using medical detoxification and other holistic approaches. The twelve-step program is based on the model created by Alcoholics Anonymous and also offers family support group therapy.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation (Minnesota)


The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is a substance abuse treatment center focusing on an individual’s overall well-being by treating the patient as a whole and not just their addiction. Highlights of the facility include a disordered tract eating program, which focuses on anorexia, bulimia, and other body image disorders, as well as a group that concentrates on the healing of relationships, emotions, and living. The program is teen friendly and welcomes siblings. It also has a parent recovery team.

Oxford Treatment Center (Mississippi)

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The Oxford Treatment Center is located in Etta, Mississippi. It features a program that is focused on finding new ways for their patients to experience life while treating their addiction problems. Highlights of the facility include private rooms, dual-diagnosis treatment for mental health disorders and addiction, detox services, residential treatment, sober living homes, and outpatient services. Other features include ropes course therapy, music therapy, wilderness therapy, a young adult program and trauma track for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Midwest Recovery Centers (Missouri)


Located in Kansas City, Missouri, the Midwest Recovery Centers has a 4.7-star rating and strives to provide alcohol and drug dependence treatment at an affordable rate. The establishment is currently for men only. Highlights of the facility include 24-hour peer supposed staff, long-term treatment with several phases, twenty hours of outpatient group therapy, daily meetings to discuss the twelve-step process, and one on one therapy once a week.

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center (Montana)

 Drug Rehab

Located in Great Falls, Montana, the Rocky Mountain Treatment Center is a 4.5-star rated facility that views addiction as a chronic brain disorder characterized by the constant use of drugs or alcohol. The service uses a holistic approach to healing emotional, behavioral, family, social, physical, and spiritual needs. Patients are treated by learning from real life experiences that allow them to confront their challenges in an environment with professionals who can help.

St. Monica’s Behavioral Health Services For Women (Nebraska)

 Mountain Laurel Recovery Center

St. Monica’s Behavioral Health Services For Women is a women's only outpatient rehabilitation service with a five-star rating. The program features an individualized treatment plan, educational groups, parenting education, and substance abuse treatment for women and girls in need. The residential treatment program has a program especially for mothers and their daughters aged 13 to 18 years. Other age-appropriate programs are available, such as parenting classes, on-site daycare, co-occurring disorders, and therapeutic community offerings.

Desert Hope (Nevada)

 Desert Hope Treatment

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Desert Hope is a 4.6-star rated treatment center that focuses on treating chemical dependency to help the patient fully recover and start a new life. Highlights of the services available include medication detoxification, aftercare recovery groups, a wellness-focused curriculum, skill-building techniques, expressive arts therapy, motivational interviewing, rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT), and an outdoor twelve step walk. Desert Hope was named the leader in LGBT Healthcare Equality in 2014.

New England Recovery And Wellness (New Hampshire)

 New England RAW

New England Recovery And Wellness is a 4.9-star rated treatment center located in Concord, New Hampshire, focusing on addiction healing by bringing together the body, mind, and spirit. Group therapy treatment includes Psycho-Education, Life Skills Training, Relapse Prevention, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Trauma Therapy. Patients will enjoy family programs, holistic therapy, individual therapy and creative arts therapy. Other services include massage and chiropractic treatment, faith-based programs, and weekend activities such as hiking, bowling and watching movies.

Advanced Health And Education (New Jersey)

 Treatment Help

Advanced Health and Education is a 4.9-star rated treatment center located in Eatontown, New Jersey, focusing on getting their patients back on track in a beach community. Patients can expect to receive nine hours of therapy each week for drug and alcohol addiction. Other services offered include yoga and meditation, creative therapy, ongoing monitoring, and tailored treatment in a peaceful and healing environment located in a beach community in a residential neighborhood.

Hoy Recovery Program INC (New Mexico)

 Hoy Recovery

Located in Espanola, New Mexico, the Hoy Recovery Program is a five-star rated non-profit recovery treatment center that was established in 1974. The goal of the establishment is to provide rehabilitation and strengthening of families who suffer from substance abuse in a safe and friendly setting. Highlights of the facility include meditation, group counseling, and a sweat lodge for detoxification purposes. The program also offers holistic therapy, individual therapy, fitness, skills training, and traditional Mayan healing therapies.

Mount Sinai West (New York)

 Mount Sinai

Located in New York, New York, the Mount Sinai West treatment facility was given a 4.2-star rating. It features state-of-the-art residential treatment programs to provide support for substance dependent patients. The inpatient program focuses on low intensity to high intensity, depending on the patient’s needs. Highlights of the program include medical detoxification, extended care, partial hospitalization, on-site self-help groups daily, dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorders, and staff with over forty years of experience.

Crest View Recovery Center (North Carolina)

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Located in Asheville, North Carolina, the Crest View Recovery Center is a 4.6-star rated substance abuse treatment center that provides patients with a comfortable residential home in a secluded mountain atmosphere. Highlights of the facility include individual, education, and group therapies under the care of a psychiatrist and medical director. Services include yoga, meditation, chiropractic access and an extensive aftercare program to prevent relapse. The family-owned center accepts all major forms of insurance.

Heartview Foundation (North Dakota)

 12 Step Treatment Centres

Located in Bismarck, North Dakota, the Heartview Foundation is a drug and alcohol treatment facility that has been in business since 1964. The rehabilitation center has treated more than 24,000 patients from all over the United States and Canada by using a holistic approach as well as individualized care from a staff that is trained in many therapies. Highlighted features include residential and outpatient services, medical detoxification, and community courses, education, and seminars.

The Ridge Ohio (Ohio)


With a 4.4-star rating, the Ridge Ohio is a private drug and alcohol treatment center in a secluded wooded area for top notch healing. It features a twelve-step program located on 51 acres of scenic serenity using a non-hospital approach to treatment. The center only contains fifteen beds and focuses on intense, personal treatment, including how to overcome addiction, family group therapy and one year of aftercare for relapse prevention.

Valliant House (Oklahoma)

 Valliant House

The Valliant House located in Valliant, Oklahoma has a five-star rating. It features a twelve-step program that treats drug use and alcoholism by counteracting self-destructive behavior. Areas of specialization include a twelve-step program based on the Alcoholics Anonymous model, cognitive behavioral therapy, long-term residential care, outpatient treatment and a biopsychosocial model that helps patients achieve honesty during their treatment. The center offers forty-eight beds with shared rooms and bathrooms.

Sunspire Health Astoria Pointe (Oregon)

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With a four-star rating, Sunspire Health Astoria is a men's only treatment center for substance abuse located in Astoria, Oregon. The oceanfront facility is located in the mountains and focuses on medical detoxification and whole-patient treatment. Highlights include an intensive outpatient program, residential treatment, an alumni network, individualized treatment plans, and family therapy. Sunspire Health Astoria Point also includes adventure-based therapy that includes walking in the great outdoors to a local waterfall or group therapy on the beach.

Clearbrook Manor (Pennsylvania)

 Clearbrook Inc.

Clearbrook Manor has a 4.4-star rating and is located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The adult-only treatment center focuses on treating chemical dependency by providing support and immediate care to those suffering from addiction along with their family by using a twelve-step approach. Located in a rural, tranquil setting, Clearbrook Manor uses cognitive and behavioral skills to teach their patients how to deal with addiction effectively. Highlights include gender specific groups and outdoor activities.

Clinical Services Of Rhode Island (Rhode Island)

 Clinical Services RI

The Clinical Services Of Rhode Island uses a “big-picture” approach to treating substance abuse, including addressing the patient’s lifestyle and environmental factors. The program partners with the client’s family members, friends, loved ones and community to lay the foundation for creating a substance-free future. Highlights of the program include individualized treatment plans, intervention-planning, a twelve-step program, motivational interviewing, intensive outpatient services, dual-diagnosis treatment, medical detoxification services, and individual therapy. Programs feature either a 30 or 90-day program.

Sunspire Health Hilton Head (South Carolina)

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The Sunspire Health Hilton Head is a 4.5-star rated treatment center located in Hilton Head, South Carolina focusing on excellent care for adults who suffer from substance abuse. The program uses an integrative approach to treatment with evidence-based clinical medications supported by the Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) as well as abstinence-focused approaches. Highlights of the facility include financing, medical detoxification, residential treatment, an intensive outpatient program, family therapy, and behavioral disorder treatment.

Tallgrass Recovery And Sober Living Homes (South Dakota)

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The 4.6-star rated Tallgrass Recovery And Sober Living Homes are located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and feature a twelve-step recovery process for chemical addiction. The 30-day residential program features a mentor-focused and community-based curriculum that provides stories and advice from 150 volunteers who have beaten their addictions. Highlights include a ten-acre campus, meditation, residential treatment, and a comprehensive assessment program in a serene setting with a therapeutic environment.

JourneyPure At The River (Tennessee)


JourneyPure At The River is a treatment center that focuses on substance abuse, behavioral health challenges, and addiction. The 4.9-star rated center is located in a private, secluded area in the wilderness near Nashville. Patients will experience 24-hour access to recovery coaches, group therapy sessions with coaches who are trained in the Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model (TREM), equine and wellness therapy, and a minimum of four private therapy sessions each week.

Recovery Unplugged (Texas)

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Located in Austin Texas, Recovery Unplugged is a 4.9-star rated luxury resort treatment center that focuses on musical therapy to help patients break down barriers that lead them to abuse drugs and alcohol. Their team is comprised of clinical experts as well as world-class musicians and songwriters who collaborate on a program that allows patients to heal naturally. Other highlights include a fully-functioning music studio, medical detox, private rooms, and evidence-based care.

Cold Creek Lodge (Utah)

 Addiction Free

Cold Creek Lodge is a behavioral health treatment center with a five-star rating located in Brighton, Utah. It features a twelve-step program for drug and alcohol treatment based on the Bio-Psycho-Social and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy models recognized by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and Columbia University. The center offers dual treatment, which focuses on both addiction and mental health issues in a small setting of eight to ten clients at a time.

Teen Challenge Vermont (Vermont)

 TC Vermont

The Teen Challenge Vermont Center is a five-star rated beautiful campus that offers treatment for young men who suffer from substance and addiction disorders. The program is a faith-based, Christian approach that uses academic, vocational, and spiritual training to help young and teenage men become proactive members of society again. Facility highlights include private studies, chapel services, aftercare support, holistic therapy, biblical values, class lectures and a chance to earn their general education diploma (G.E.D.).

Bethany Hall (Virginia)

 Detox To Rehab

Bethany Hall is a 4.5-star rated recovery treatment center located in Roanoke, Virginia that was founded in 1970 and provides long-term residential treatment for adult women who suffer from substance abuse. The rehabilitation center is considered a safe-haven for females by tending to those who are pregnant, postpartum women, pregnant women and women who have children. Before admission, women are asked to be in stable condition as no medical detoxification is offered onsite.

The Clearing (Washington)

 The Clearing NW

Located in Friday Harbor, Washington, The Clear is a five-star rated substance-abuse treatment center that features a twelve step program specializing in mental health problems, such as self-esteem, trauma, loss, and depression. The Clearing prides themselves on giving their patients authentic empowerment and mastery of the tools and strategies needed to remain in total remission after leaving the center. They used evidence-based psychological healing to treat the underlying issues of addiction.

Jacob’s Ladder At Brookside Farm (West Virginia)


Jacob’s Ladder At Brookside Farm is a 4.9-star rated treatment center located in Aurora, West Virginia that focuses on long-term mindfulness and residential recovery for young men. It is located in a private farming community with features that include a twelve-step program, agriculture and sustainability programs, individual, group or family therapy, outdoor recreation activities, yoga, meditation, and arts and music programs. Patients can expect individualized and custom programs based on clinical models to treat addiction.

Nova Counseling Services, Inc. (Wisconsin)

 Nova OshKosh

Located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the Nova Counseling Services, Inc. is a 4.4-star rated addiction dependency treatment center. The facility does not believe that addiction can be cured; only treated. Using a twelve-step program, the center uses qualified professionals to help clients become active members of society again by treating their chemical dependency. Areas of specialization include aftercare support, educational programs, gender specific groups, individualized training, and residential treatment. Medical detoxification is not available on-site.

Cedar Mountain Center (Wyoming)

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With a five-star rating, Cedar Mountain Center is an addiction and mental illness recovery center located in Cody, Wyoming. Areas of specialization include family programs, individualized treatment, around the clock nursing staff care, a holistic approach to mind and body wellness, and experienced staff. The center is located inside the West Park Hospital for emergency care with a maximum of 16 residents. The center performs medical detoxification and offers treatment for co-occurring medical conditions.