Life Threatening Allergies You Need To Be Aware Of

When a person has a severe allergic reaction to something this is called anaphylaxis; they will have trouble breathing, hives, swollen eyes or lips, severe itchiness, and abdominal pain or diarrhea. If any of these symptoms occur call emergency medical services immediately. If you know that you have an allergy that causes severe allergic reactions talk to you doctor about carrying an epinephrine injector, commonly known as an EpiPen.

Food Allergies


Food allergies are one of the biggest areas to be concerned about especially around small children. The food that we eat are in the closet contact with our airways and can very easily effect the breathing of the person who is suffering from the allergic reaction. Those people with food allergies must be on constant alert and learn how to read ingredient lists well in order to avoid an allergic reaction. If you believe that there could be a time where you are unable to speak for yourself because of an allergic reaction, then start to wear a medical bracelet or necklace.

Insect Allergies


It is completely possible for people to be allergic to insect venom, this is implanted in the skin any time an insect bites or stings. If you are trying to assist someone who is experiencing a severe allergic reaction to an insect, look for the stinger and determine if it is still implanted in the skin. If the stinger is still in the skin attempt to remove it by using a gentle brushing motion, do not attempt to pinch or squeeze the stinger for this could cause the stinger to release more venom.

Plants Or Pollen Allergies


There are hundreds of different varieties of plants that a person can be allergic to, in most cases an allergy test will have to be completed in order to find the specific type of plant or pollen that causes the allergic reaction. Once the offending plant is determined then research what season that plant pollinate so you know when to limit your outdoor exposure and complete preventative measures like using a clothes dryer verses putting clothes outside to dry or using an air conditioner verses leaving the windows open.

Latex Allergy


Latex is actually a product produced from the sap of rubber trees. A latex allergy typically develops only after repeat exposure to latex products such as rubber bands, rubber gloves, erasers, toys, balloons, and condoms. Someone who has a latex allergy can have their symptoms increase with each exposure. If you believe that you have a latex allergy, ensure that you inform your healthcare professional prior to any exams as well as any dentist check-up.

Drugs/Medication Allergies


Like with any allergy a drug or a medication allergy is an abnormal reaction of the immune system and your body deems the substance as harmful. The most common symptoms to a drug or medication allergy are hives, fever, swelling, or a skin rash. The drugs that are more commonly linked to causing an allergic reaction are antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, chemotherapy drugs, medications for autoimmune diseases, and corticosteroid creams.