You Won't Believe These Astonishing Plant-Based Beauty Treatments

Do you want beautiful and glowing skin? Do you want to save some cash and say goodbye to your skincare specialist? Well, maybe you don’t have time for extensive skincare or you want to prevent various skin problems! That's right, there are plenty of plant-based beauty treatments that can be purchased at the local grocery store. It doesn't matter what your reason might be, but the good news is that you can go natural with plant-based treatments and get that glowing skin you have always marveled at.



Avocado is a promising beauty and skin treatment fundamental anybody can use. Apart from excellence, avocado nourishes and cares for your body without necessarily using abrasive chemicals. With rich sources of essential nutrients that refreshes and moisturizes the epidermal layer of your skin, avocado also reduces skin redness and irritation. The process is simple. Find a ripe avocado and scoop out the flesh, mash it up in a bowl, and apply it on your skin. Leave it on for at least twenty minutes before washing it off. There are plenty of ingredients that you can add to boost the power so keep on reading to discover what else can be added to your natural beauty regime.



Coconut is a natural ingredient that has various benefits. Purchasable in a glass bottle, coconut moisturizes dry lips, rough hands and feet, scalp, and hair. Coconut oil is also a massage oil and a good anti-inflammatory, thus best used to treat skin conditions such as eczema.

Raw Honey


Honey is a chemical-free and an amazing skincare product that moistens and keeps your complexion supple and glowing. Recommended for all skin types, raw honey has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties therefore is great for healing cuts, lightening scars and spots, slowing down aging and stonewalls bacterial growth. Raw honey treats acne and enlarged pores, rosacea, eczema, hyperpigmentation, and dull lifeless skin.

Lemon Juice


Apart from aiding weight loss and body detoxification, fresh lemon juice is also a lightening agent. Lemon juice reduces freckles, scars or dark spots, wrinkles and certain skin diseases. If you want to use lemon as a lightening agent, dilute it with water before application as it has an irritating reaction to some people. You might be one of them!

Apple Cider Vinegar


Raw, organic apple cider vinegar is one of the undiscovered natural skincare substances that prevent acne and skin problems. If you are looking for a skin smoother and facial toner, there you have it! Alongside all of the other health benefits of apples, substances like malic acid are formed in the creation of apple cider vinegar, giving it antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. This is a big part of what makes it so good for your skin.



Strawberries are delightful tart fruits that can do much more than satisfy your irresistible sweet tooth. The juice of this berry is a rich source of vitamin C, dietary fiber and folic acid thereby providing a healthy supple look to your face. When used regularly, it prevents wrinkles formation, acne, and blemishes, protects the skin from harmful UV rays, and fights oily skin.



If you are not getting enough hydration from your lotion, then bananas will be an appropriate substitute. Banana contains some essential vitamins and nutrients that make banana face masks extraordinary beauty fix. Apart from protecting the skin from free radicals, banana delays the aging process by keeping your skin moisturized. After smashing a banana in a bowl, smear it on your face and wait for 10-15 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water.

Almonds And Oats


Almonds and Ooat masks are extremely versatile. Almonds and oats are an excellent exfoliator and cleanser hence recommended for any kind of skin. Using almonds and oats for skin whitening is preferred by women because it is easily available, economical and natural. Other than reducing inflammatory reactions, reducing redness, and toning the skin, almonds and oats can be used to improve skin complexion.

Olive Oil


For ages, olive oil has always been used cooking, baking and whipping up homemade salad dressings, but you might not be aware of all the beauty benefits of olive oil. Olive oil contains antioxidants which make it work as a cleanser, moisturizer, and skin protector. A good point to note is that it is abundantly produced in many parts of the world so go for the organic, expeller or extra virgin as they do not contain chemicals and are high in antioxidants.

Aloe Vera


If you think it was going to be missing from this group, you got it all wrong. Aloe vera has been in use for years and it’s an antibacterial and contains vitamins and minerals that can ease eczema and psoriasis flare-ups. It also possesses excellent moisturizing capabilities that make it recommended by facial experts for keeping the skin soft and healthy-looking.


    HealthPrep Staff