The Different Uses Of Petroleum Jelly

September 3, 2023

There is a versatile product in your bathroom cabinet that costs less than a latte but has a lot of potential uses; it has been around for a long time, having been discovered in 1859, and will likely stick around for a long time to come. Useful for makeup removal, pet care, infant care, and as part of a beauty regimen, this magical substance comes in a little tub and is known as petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly has been extensively filtered for the removal of any toxins or impurities from petroleum, which makes it safe to use on adult skin as well as the more tender skin of babies and the broken skin of wounds. Keep reading to discover the different uses of petroleum jelly.

Makeup Remover & Other Cosmetic Purposes

While beauty companies love to overcharge for soaps to use as a makeup remover, these products almost all strip the skin of essential healing oils as well as the makeup. Petroleum jelly is gentler on the skin to remove makeup. A small amount is all that needs to be applied and wiped clean with a swab of cotton. This inexpensive product is ideal for individuals who need moisture retention around their eyes and elsewhere on their face. It can also be used to gloss lips, tame eyebrows as well as eyelashes with care in application, and can be applied to protect the skin from dyes when coloring hair.

To Heal Minor Scrapes And Burns

Whenever skin is injured, whether in an accident or a surgical procedure, the body goes to work to repair the wound. Scars are considered a natural part of the healing process, though their intensity depends on how well the wound is healing. Minor cuts, scrapes, and burns can avoid scarring with the use of petroleum jelly. It helps keep the wound moist, protecting it from drying out and thereby forming a scab, which tends to take longer to heal. Petroleum jelly is also used to heal minor scrapes and burns by sealing them, which keeps out germs while retaining moisture. Skin heals without infection or cracking. One caveat is not to put jelly directly on a fresh burn, as they radiate heat that will be trapped.

Prevents Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is a common form of dermatitis, or inflamed skin, appearing as a series of bright red skin patches on a baby's bottom. It is often related to wet diapers, skin sensitivity, as well as chafing. Anyone who regularly wears diapers can experience this condition. Regular use of petroleum jelly can help prevent this annoying and persistent problem, as it serves as a barrier between the skin of the bottom and annoyances such as dampness and uncomfortable materials. A thick, protective layer of petroleum jelly will prevent diaper rash without causing any uncomfortable side effects; make sure to only apply it to dry skin, however, as it will trap unwanted moisture in and exacerbate the condition otherwise.

Protects Pet Paws

Because petroleum jelly forms a defensive barrier between skin and outside contaminants, it protects pet paws from the salt and chemical agents used in winter to de-ice sidewalks, pavement, and porches. It also helps prevent paws from drying out and cracking in the harsh air of the colder months when repeated changes between heated interiors and the cold outdoors are experienced often. While dog paws are designed to be tough, protecting the dog's joints by acting to absorb shock, they can crack and bleed when the weather is rough and conditions unkind. Dogs with extra sensitive paws should have a daily moisturizing treatment of petroleum jelly.

The Ultimate Moisturizer

Petroleum jelly consists of a mixture of waxes and mineral oils and has not changed much since one man noticed oil workers applying it to heal burns and wounds. It is the ultimate moisturizer because of its main ingredient, and it helps seal the skin with a water-resistant barrier, which helps the skin heal as well as retaining moisture. Applied after a shower, it is an occlusive moisturizer useful for the prevention of overly dry skin. In cold and allergy seasons, it can also be used on dry noses. Cracked heels and soles are other places where this moisturizer works its magic. Feet can be treated with a layer of petroleum jelly and clean cotton socks. Chapped lips can also greatly benefit from an application of petroleum jelly. Before you consider other lotions or creams for moisture, reach for the ultimate moisturizer that works wonders on anybody's skin!

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