Natural Treatments For Warts

When you first think about warts, you may immediately picture a witch or hag with a giant wart on her nose. However, warts can affect anyone, as they stem from the human papillomavirus (HPV) family. There are over one hundred unique types of HPV, and they can be easily contracted by merely shaking hands, touching a doorknob, or even sharing a keyboard. Most likely, individuals receive a wart if their skin was cut or injured and had direct contact with something infected by HPV. The symptoms of a wart are evident. A bump can form in the area and can be rough to the touch. They may be flesh-colored or have black pinpoints. Get to know the natural treatments for warts now.

Watchful Waiting


Sometimes the best natural treatment a patient can offer their body is to simply wait. Because warts aren't typically life-threatening, there's no reason to see a doctor immediately. Unless, of course, you notice other problems with your health, too. As such, the best thing you can do for your body is to just let your immune system take care of the issue. Just like any virus, warts will eventually be destroyed by your immune system. Once it is gone, you won't have to worry about the unsightly blemish any longer. To help boost your immune system, always get plenty of rest and eat a healthy diet full of fruit and vegetables. By supporting your immune system, it can more effectively fight against the virus and remove it from your body.

If, however, watchful waiting is a bit too slow, consider some of these other tips to remove those pesky and stubborn warts.

Tea Tree Oil


Tree tea oil has been repurposed for many other uses aside from treating infections and wounds. It's commonly found in moisturizers, shampoos, soaps, and other cleansers. This is because tea tree oil has powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties. While tea tree oil is typically used to treat acne and fungal infections, it can also be used to treat warts, due to the fact the oil can kill both bacteria and viruses, and since the wart stems from a viral infection, tea tree oil is a powerful cleanser.

Tea tree oil also has powerful immune-boosting properties, so it also works in combination with waiting. After fighting off the virus, tea tree oil also cleanses the area. So any remaining signs of the virus can be wiped out, and your wart shouldn't return. Those interested in tea tree oil should get a one hundred percent concentration and then dilute it from there if needed.

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Apple Cider Vinegar


No doubt you have used vinegar before to cut through some of the greases clinging to the oven or stove. Or perhaps you have used it as a natural bathroom cleaner. Regardless of its use, apple cider vinegar is a proven staple of being a powerful cleanser. It can also be used as a natural remedy to remove warts. Apple cider vinegar already has a history of being used for medicinal purposes. In some cases, it was used to reduce stomach pains and aches. Other times, it has been used to treat poison ivy and even diabetes.

Apple cider vinegar, thus, treats warts effectively because of its acidic nature. As soon as apple cider vinegar makes contact with a virus, the acid can eat away at it, basically destroying it. The vinegar itself can also burn away the wart because it is destroying the infected skin, which makes the wart fall off. In addition, because apple cider vinegar is such a powerful force, it actually irritates the immune system, causing more bacteria and virus-fighting molecules to be produced.

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Duct Tape


While this may seem like a wild idea, for many patients, using duct tape has actually been proven to help remove warts. Doctors don't quite understand just how it works, but they suspect it has to do with the fact duct tape immobilizes the wart. By reducing this friction, it keeps the wart from infecting the rest of the skin. Duct tape also helps to exfoliate the skin when it is removed. Typically, individuals found using duct tape to remove their warts took about two months. They would keep the duct tape on the wart for a few days, and then remove and replace it with a fresh piece.

In some cases, individuals actually recommend using duct tape over cryotherapy because it had far fewer side effects. Since practically everyone owns a roll of duct tape, it makes for an easy remedy.

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Other Herbal Solutions


Individuals interested in other herbal solutions to treat their warts may want to consider echinacea. This flower comes in a tea, and it helps reduce the number of times warts appear. As such, for individuals who tend to get warts often, adding in this tea could be a great way to reduce the number of warts developed. E. walachii is another herb that can be used to treat skin infections, including warts.

Ficus carica is a fig tree, and latex from this tree was found to help reduce the number of warts from developing. Finally, garlic ointments, when used as cream against the skin, were found to help reduce the number of warts as well. Anything that boosts the immune system would also help.


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